Get Ready for Party Season

The holiday season is synonymous with merriment, gatherings, and, most importantly for caterers, an abundance of festive parties. As a caterer, ensuring that you’re well-equipped and prepared is paramount to stand out and make every event a memorable one. Here’s a detailed guide from us at Cayard’s to help caterers gear up for the holiday […]

Safe Handling of Take-out Foods

In today’s world, take-out services are not just a convenience but a necessity for many restaurants. Whether it’s because of public health concerns, customer demand, or business strategy, offering take-out has become an integral part of the dining industry. However, it’s essential that restaurant owners prioritize the safety of these foods just as they would […]

Inspirational Food Trends: Fusing Techniques and Equipment

In the ever-evolving culinary world, chefs continuously search for new ways to express their creativity and satisfy the palates of their guests. The ongoing merge of cutting-edge techniques with innovative foodservice equipment is giving rise to fresh and inspirational food trends that are set to redefine the dining experience. Sous-vide Renaissance: While sous-vide is not a […]

Grow your Business: Inspiring Unique Ideas

Sometimes you just find a fun article that tells the story better than you could. We loved running into this one from our friends at TOAST. We were planning on talking about inspiration and some interesting ways to grow your restaurant business, and this article found us. OK, not everyone is ready to change their […]

PRIDEology Letter of Support

At Cayard’s Foodservice Equipment & Supplies we value professional growth and provide our team with resources to further their careers in the foodservice industry. PRIDEology is a learning platform provided by PRIDE Centric Resources, an organization we belong to for increased buying power and other business resources. They continually produce educational content to benefit anyone […]

Quick-Preparation Food and Drink Ideas for the Fall

Long before autumn, owners of restaurants, sandwich shops and coffee joints start preparing their fall offerings.  The arrival of autumn brings a shift in the food and beverage preferences of customers. As restaurant owners, the key to staying relevant and meeting these changing demands lies in offering seasonal menu items that are easy to prepare […]

Eyes Towards Fall:  Prepare for Cooler Weather Menus

Well before there’s a noticeable change in temperatures, restaurant owners and chefs need to start planning for the seasonal transition for their menus. Strategically introducing fall dishes not only embraces the change in the seasonal offerings but can also serve as an essential avenue for revenue enhancement and customer engagement. However, developing a fall menu […]

Keep Your Cool this Summer with Grab-n-Go

Consumers are continually seeking convenient, time-saving, and high-quality food options. This demand has resulted in the rapid rise of the grab-and-go food industry, transforming the way restaurants operate. The strategic introduction of refrigerated grab-and-go food items, especially during the summer months, can provide a wealth of benefits for restaurant owners. Let’s delve into the advantages […]

Custom Tables and Sinks

Every food service operation is different and many often require custom solutions to fit their space and budget. Cayard’s is a proud distributor of Advance Tabco, an industry leader in providing custom work tables, sinks and other equipment for commercial kitchens. Advance Tabco has created some great tools to customize their product lines with added […]

Ice Machine Comparison & Selector Tools

Are you in need of a new ice machine? Scotsman has created some valuable tools to help you select the right machine for your food service operation. Whether you are looking for cubes, flakes, nuggets, or a water and ice dispenser, these tools will ensure you make best selection for your business size and application. […]